Laser hair removal: Types of Laser

It is hard to find people who are not miffed by the weekly ritual of removing unwanted hair. Many of us want to liberate ourselves from the weekly grind, however, still show disinclination towards laser hair removal, a procedure that indeed can set you free.

So, what does really drive this reluctance, while many among us enjoying the merits of the laser therapy?

Worry of scarring, inadequate results, or complications associated, no, not these. The real reason is the lack of information how laser removes unwanted body hair.

It is widely reported that permanent laser hair removal possibly is the safest procedure that a person can receive among all cosmetic treatments. The results irrespective of the type of skin remain uniform, and it has become possible because of the development of the cutting-edge technology.

There are a number of laser that are developed for specific skins

Intense pulse laser

The laser uses, as the name implies, intense pulse that is absorbed by the hair follicle. It is considered suitable for light skin colored people.

Neodymium and yttrium aluminum garnet laser (Nd: Yag)

The laser is used for people that have tanned skin. A carbon lotion is applied first for this laser, which helps to direct the laser.


This laser can be used for a numberhow-to-remove-unwanted-body-hair-advanceddermalaser of skin types. Heat and beam cumulatively removes the unwanted hair.

Similarly, there is ruby Alexandrite laser for treating unwanted.

Irrespective of the type of laser, the results are always flattering. Therefore, if a question, “how to remove unwanted body hair?” ever comes to your mind, the answer is laser!



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